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Our Trapping Systems

Rat Hatch

    The Rat Hatch is a must-have for your house, garage, rental, or holiday home. Simply install into any part of your roof space to easily remove rodents from their number one hideout.

    Though it is called Rat Hatch, it also works as effectively on mice. The patented inbuilt fine-setting feature allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the mechanism, enabling you to catch the smallest of mice.

    This trap removes the need to use poison in your home, that could put your pets and loved ones at risk. Once the trap catches, it releases a red indicator alerting you that it has caught and to reset it.

    An easy to use, quick and cost-effective solution to rid your property of rodents.

    The D-Rat trap as part of the Lumber Jack combination has now been humane tested and has NAWAC approval.


    • Alerts with a red button indicator when a rodent is caught
    • Safe access to your ceiling spaces
    • Easy to service, clear and reset
    • Hygienic non-contact removal of the rodent
    • Designed, engineered and manufactured in New Zealand
    • 5 year full warranty

    Baiting instructions


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    Installation Instructions


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    Urban Trapping Tips


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    Rat Hatch Overview

    Access Hatch Install Guide

    Soft ceiling installation guide

    Installation Guide

    Re-setting the Rat Hatch

    Rat Hatch in action

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